You are a genius who doesn’t know how to access your full genius.

Israel Kairós
5 min readJan 7, 2023


IMPOTENCE: lack of power, strength and means to accomplish something; lack of possibilities.

The more you think about doing THAT THING that terrifies you but your HEART BEATS, and your BEING VIBRATES for, the more fear comes over you about not being able to handle it.

How am I going to get the money? And support me? And make it happen? And get this and that? And solve that and that?

There are so many variables and details, that your mind panics because it KNOWS it is not capable of handling all of this alone.

And she’s not wrong... if you really follow (and not just "when there is time") the unknown path of your calling, you will discover that it is so complex, adventurous and wild that your mind is not able to remember everything that needs to be remembered, think of all the necessary details, control all the circumstances, keep the ball rolling and make it all happen at the same time.

But there’s something that your mind doesn’t know... and that something is that it doesn’t have to take care of all of this alone.

You, as a Human Being designed to follow your call, have several other intelligences, tools and wisdom beyond your mind that are available for your free use, you just don’t know how to use them yet...

Discovering your genius

Your mind is part of a highly effective Team that exists within you, created to support you throughout your life journey and resolve all those details and needs that arise along the way.

This team has the presence of: the intelligence and energy of all your 4 feelings; your conscious ANGER to take action, step up, taking a stand, make changes, put limits on what you don’t want so you have space to create what you do want; your conscious FEAR that predicts results, guides you into the unknown, reminds you of important things at the right time, and brings you agility, focus, possibilities and ideas; your conscious SADNESS that makes you a born connector, an artist, a listener, an observer, an authentic Human Being sensitive and connected with what really matters in life; and your conscious JOY that makes you a Space Holder, a “conscious leader" and a living spice of fun and inspiration for life and its path.

(yes! As much crazy that’s can sound when your hear for the first time: your feelings are not just a stumbling block in your way, and if you know how to listen to them and use them they will help you to deal with life in an extraordinary way if you want to) watch the workshop: Feelings Wisdom (in portuguese )to learn more about this specific topic.

There is also the intelligence of your physical body, which if you develop the ability to listen it will tell you moment by moment what you need to be a healthy, nourished being and to live your life to the full;

You have the intelligence of your energetic body that manages the energies around you, recharges you, creates energetic tools that help you in your practices, and magnetizes resources and people into your life;

It has the intelligence of your archetypal body/or “purpose body”, which actually carries out your purpose on earth for you, saying, writing and creating things through you that you don’t even need to know how to do for doing. (This archetypal body is the spark of inspiration and the root that gives life to every great work, song, book, lecture, creation, etc… that has ever been invented. and with “great” i mean that ones with true evolutionary value.)

And of course there’s also the intelligence of your mind, which when it’s not overwhelmed by you trying to make it take care of everything in your life, is the great engineer who logically fits together the words coming from the inspirational sparks of your archetypal body, it’s the manager who manages and coordinates the action and energy priorities in your life, is the perfect learning and improvement machine and is one of your best allies in creation and combination.

And all this is just the part that concerns only you, you can also learn to relate and use team intelligence to create extraordinary things; can learn to listen and follow the E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office) also known as “synchronicities”; it can use nature’s intelligence to deal with life’s ruling cycles and energies; can use the chaotic intelligence of non-linearity and creation of your gremlin, and so on in a massive and abundant source of resources

Now tell me,

Can you see how limited was the idea of ​​trying to solve everything using only the intelligence of your mind?

Humanity evolved a lot in improving the mind, but made a big mistake when made the mind the center of everything. Our mind is very useful, and it’s made to be used, but as a team, with the help and support of all our intelligences combined.

Your genius is born from the mixture of these different intelligences working together.

You ARE an Extraordinary Being and you have EVERYTHING you need to create an extraordinary life filled with purpose, possibilities, authenticity, love, empowerment, transformation and high-level fun.

Now you just need to: learn how to use these intelligences.

I offer you some possibilities of how you can do this:

The first is: you’ve already received here in this article several tips on how these intelligences might look like, so from there on you can start your own internal research right now on how to practice and develop these intelligences. for example: by carrying with you for 6 months a little notebook in which every day you choose a new intelligence to practice, and write in it your own discoveries and observations arising from the practice.

Second possibility: you can come to the next Living beyond the mind online workshop that will take place on January 11th at 6:00 pm by zoom. Where we will navigate into the entire topic of this article and start experiments and practices to develop these skills. To find out more about the workshop or register: CLICK HERE.

Third possibility: you can do a complete coaching process with me with a follow-up of 3 months and 12 sessions to practice and develop all these skills and look to the emotions, processes and etc.. that stands in your way for this. for more information about this possibility: CLICK HERE.

Fourth possibility: you can send me a message by WhatsApp: +55 11 97210–2005 asking for more possibilities and I will be happy to listen and intuit what other types of possibilities I can offer to empower your journey.

Any doubts, I’m here. with Love, Israel Kairós.



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