You don’t need money to survive, you need people.

Israel Kairós
7 min readJul 12, 2023


I need money to survive, so I need to work, work with what work is available, serve those who have money to pay me, and if I am marginalized, then I have to work ten times harder to make a decent living, because the rich, only support the rich, and their discrimination towards people who carry the same skin color as me, the same accent as me, the same culture as mine, destroys the goodwill of my people and extorts their spirits through the daily labor imposed by a systemic engine that squeezes my people until all their vital energy is extracted for the profit of the system. This game has no plans to end, and I’m tired of playing according to other people’s plans, to be honest, I’m tired of playing any game that I’m not part of its creation.

The operating system of the patriarchal capitalist empire has been designed so that marginalized people, who are more than 70% of the world’s population, feel that they do not have the resources or the power to change their reality or create for themselves what they need to survive, and so they are condemned by themselves to obey the will and the laws of those who “have” the resources and the power. But the reality is that each of those 5 billion people ARE the power and ARE the resources.

The real resource is not money, nor land.
Land has no owner, no matter how many papers you have, how hard you try, no soldiers, no walls, no flags will cover up the psychological lie involved in the idea that a Human Being can own any land.
As for money… money never built a house, never planted a tree, never cooked a meal, never sewed a single garment. It is people who do all that, people are the real resource. But… People choose (without knowing they have the choice) to sell themselves for money. They do this because they believe they need money to buy their survival through the services of other people. And these other people sell their services for money because they think they will need the money to buy their survival from the same people they sell their services to.

All playing alone. This is the trick of the system, to separate people so that they think that the only way to sustain themselves is through the system, when in fact there are other much more efficient and pleasurable ways to sustain themselves, such as: through a Village.

You don’t need money to survive, you need people collaborating together to create the resources each individual needs to survive.

It is not part of nature, nor is there any divine law that forces us to bow to the unreasonable laws of the capitalist patriarchal empire, or to nation-states. Bowing or not bowing is an individual choice. You just didn’t know it. For obvious reasons, this is not taught in school, since school, is designed as an important part of the capitalist patriarchal system.

People have been choosing (without knowing that they have a choice) to use the archaic system of exchange called money, rather than simply providing to the village what the village needs, and receiving from the village what they need. They only choose this because they have been taught this way, and trained for many years to believe that this is the way things are. What is not realized is that through the money system, is the only way in which the insane idea that 1% of the population has any kind of power over 99% of the population can exist inside the head of a human being.

And why don’t people think about this kind of thing? Well… because their minds are already occupied with the content chosen by the system. The best way to manipulate the people, is to make the people think they are free. Give a small delimited area of how the population can act, and within that delimitation allow debates, points of view and opinions. That’s it. People think they are free to change their own reality, when in fact, none of the changes actually change the system, just change the form it takes.

An example that portrays the inefficiency of the current system, and the possibilities of new systems is the following:
Imagine that the entire population of the city of Manaus decides to stop being part of the system, to stop using money as a currency of exchange. And instead, instead of selling their time to each other, and instead of selling their time to big companies that use their labor to extract the resources from the local land and ship them to foreign countries, this entire population becomes one big village made up of multiple villages of 7 to 21 people, and within each of these villages, people would plant so that their village and the neighboring villages would eat, sew so that their village and the neighboring villages would have clothes, make art so that their village and the neighboring villages would appreciate art, build so that their village and the neighboring villages would have a house, protect the forest so that their village and the neighboring villages would have a forest. Following the basic rule that: who serves the village, is served by the village. The only currency of exchange available is service to the village. And every village that serves the great circle of villages, is then served by the great circle of villages.

Suddenly, Manaus, which today is a city with a financial poverty rate hitting 40 percent, and spiritual poverty on a large scale (just like every big city), becomes a place of tremendous abundance and infinite wealth, as human beings collaborating can create far more resources than they themselves need.

In this new possibility of culture for Manaus, everyone would be abundant, no matter their color, gender, or ethnicity. Just the basic rule: if you serve the village, the village serves you. The way to pay for all that the village will offer to you, and to your children, and to the elderly and disabled of your home, is for you to offer the village 2 things: 1 — what the village needs, and 2- serve the village with what makes your heart flutter. As the culture adjusts, and time passes, it is very likely that these two things will become one.

The system has power over people because it separates people, it instills from its functioning the idea that to survive you need to be selfish, think of yourself first, you need to fight for a place at the top of the hierarchy.
Unlike the seemingly revolutionary idea that “the people united have the power to change the government” I believe that the people united have the power to create the culture they want, the system, the resources and the support they need, to live the life that their BEING wants to live.
What am I going to change the government for?
I’m not interested in joining a fight, the government is full of defense strategies that prevent its change.
I am not interested in changing the current system, it is old, outdated, full of problems and bugs …
I prefer to leave the system, gather my team, and create a new, more conscious and responsible system, while building bridges for others to do the same. I’d rather let the current system rot old and die alone.
I care about the people who are still in the system, but they will only leave the current system if they see that there is another possibility, and if they realize the ineffectiveness of the system they are in.
There is no point in fighting to convince the top of the hierarchy to change the laws; we just have to leave the bottom and go play in another game world, abandon the boat, let go of the hierarchical structures built, especially, within us. And simple as that, those who “make the laws” will have at the very most the power to choose under which law they put themselves. dot.

The real resource, the real power, is collaboration. This is how life thrives. You can’t get out of the system by yourself, because you can’t get everything you need to live by yourself. And as long as you do not have what you need to live, you will submit to the system in search of survival.
But even if you are alone today, you can start a village, gather people, invite people, and then, with a village formed, you can leave the system, because with a village, you have enough collective intelligence, enough hands, enough time, enough talents, and enough resources to not only meet the basic needs of everyone in the village, but also to generate enough resources to serve the protection and regeneration of planet earth and its inhabitants.

A village, in the current context, can no longer be self-sustaining, no longer just take care of it self, we have already passed that point, we have already spoiled the planet more than we should, now we need to be regenerative, we need to make, better and better, the places we pass through. This is the way I see to rebuild a better world for our generation, and the generations to come.

My proposal to you is: get out of the capitalist patriarchal empire (inside you), and gather a team to leave the capitalist patriarchal empire outside you. Create your own laws applicable on the values of your BEING, and don’t follow the irrational laws of the capitalist patriarchal empire, and last but VERY important: don’t get arrested. At least until enough people change their minds about the capitalist patriarchal empire, not getting arrested is a concern to carry.

The way I am beginning my journey out of the Patriarchy is through authentic adulthood initiations (especially in the context of Possibility Management), this is the way I am building my bridge to Archarchy, is through creating a nanonation of initiated adults who work with whole permaculture, and together collaborate to generate the resources not only for the survival of village members, but also for the creation of regenerative bridges for others to use as an entry to their own path of transformation.

This is how I’m starting, how about you?
How will you start?

With love, a normal and regular arcan man.

ps: if you’re not sure where to start, the links atteched to the text might give you a hint.



Israel Kairós

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